6 Anthropology T/F question.

True/False: Place a T on the line for true and an F on the line for false. 1pt each

Directions: The answers to the following questions can be found in chapters 8&9 of your textbook. For the short answer questions make sure to answer all parts of the question with complete sentences. Make sure you adequately discuss the material in the question. Type your answers directly on this worksheet, save the file, and then upload it under assignments.

1. According to ethnographic studies, Australian Aboriginal hunter-gatherers spent four to five hours per day per person in gathering food. ______2. In all Inuit communities, it was common to abandoned the elderly and infirm, leaving them to die as soon as an individual became unproductive, the Inuit.______

3. The Native American urban center of Cahokia illustrates the connection between abundant natural resources and the emergence of chiefdoms. ______

4. Horticulturalists and pastoralists do not possess tools that can be considered technology.____5. Gabriella Coleman’s research suggests that the work of hackers bolsters civil liberties.______

6. Reciprocity occurs only in egalitarian, non-stratified societies. _______ 

These are 6 question, So can you solve all of them correctly ? 6/6 is very important for me ? 


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