A literature review is one of the major tasks in any research project. It is a piece of… 1 answer below »

Learning Objectives for this Assignment
A literature review is one of the major tasks in any research project. It is a piece of discursive prose, not a list describing or summarising one piece of literature after another.
To gain maximum marks for this first assignment you will need to:
• Select a topic of interest and write 2000 words Mini Literature Review including the following
• Develop a research question about a topic that you might want to investigate (be very specific)
• Find relevant research articles
• Read and critically evaluate peer-reviewed journal articles (6 or more articles)
• Write a review/synthesis on the research
• Use Swinburne Harvard reference style- pay particular attention to citations and references
• Base your work on the grading rubric (See Below).
Read the section on Referencing that can be found in the Unit Outline.
You must use the Swinburne Harvard Referencing style throughout your assessment and include an accurate reference list at the end of the assessment.
Submission Requirements
• You must submit a hard copy (directly to your teacher) and a soft copy (via blackboard)
• Do not email the assessment to the teacher
• Keep a backup of your submission
• The assessment should be:
o In one single Microsoft Word document
o Written in 12 point font size
o Written in 1.15 line spacing
• Pages of the assessment should have footers which include:
o Your name
o Student ID
o Unit code
o Assessment title
o Page numbers
It is expected that all work submitted will have been edited for spelling, grammar and clarity.
Unit Learning Outcomes
In the Unit Outline, there are a list of Unit Learning Outcomes; this assessment relates to the following outcomes:
1. Present research and findings using appropriate registers.
2. Demonstrate the ability to write clearly and concisely in a range of registers with a major focus on writing a literature review
5. Demonstrate the ability to think critically and creatively.
6. Demonstrate an understanding of the way in which the library works and is crucial to the research process


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