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Weekly Discussion #6: The danger of a single story

I want to highlight that one of the learning outcomes of this class is to “evaluate the personal and social responsibilities of living in a diverse world.” One way we can do this is to reflect on ways of thinking that might keep us biased or closed minded.

  • Reflect on the causes of bias
  • Appreciate diversity

 Assignment Instructions:

Watch Chimamanda Adichie TED talk about “the danger of the single story” at:

On this discussion post you are NOT required to respond to other student’s responses, though you are welcome to do so. You SHOULD read other’s responses.

1. In your words, what does it mean to say that someone might have a “single story” about a culture, nation, person, ethical view, religion, etc.?

2. What is the danger of having a single story about someone?

3. Name one or two groups of people, culture, nation, religion, etc. in which you may have a single story about. Importantly, name an ETHICAL VIEW that you may have a single story about.

4. How might someone have a single story about you? If you are comfortable doing so, share an experience that defies this single story.

Your response should be composed of at least two well-developed paragraphs of no less than 100 words.


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