Art of The Theatre- Play review 500-700 word article


THis is the link to “Onstage in America/Honky”

Write a persuasive review/article for the school newspaper about “Onstage in America/Honky” and whether to see it or not.  Think movie reviews (thumbs up, 4 stars, Siskel and Ebert, etc.).  Be as critical as you want, but make sure to back it up with examples from the production.

This is a shorter paper than the last one.  Make each word count.  Give your thoughts and opinions and be persuasive.

Remember all the things we’ve talked about this semester, and address the production as a whole.

  You may or may not cover everything in the following list, but here are some things to think about: 

Give a very brief summary of the plot.

What impact do you think the director had on this play?  Was there a clear director’s concept?  Use examples from the production to support your ideas.

Who are the actors and what did they do to help you understand the play?  Talk about which ones were more successful and which ones were in need of more work.

Think about the collaboration of the design elements: music, lights, costumes, set, stage pieces, and even multi-media additions.  Describe what you saw on the stage and the individual design elements.  Does the collaboration of all these elements give an overall “feeling” to the production?

            Design things to think about:

            Did the set design have an impact on the actors, play and other design elements?

Did you notice the lighting design?  Was it a basic light show that only provided illumination or did it use other elements?  Use your textbook to help you describe how to write about the lighting design and its impact.

What elements from the costume design did you notice?  How were the characters affected by the costumes?

Did sound design play any part in this production?  What worked and what didn’t?  use examples from the production.

What is the purpose of the production?  Why did the playwright write this play?  Is the play relevant today?

  Try to address what you liked and didn’t like about the production.  Use examples from watching the play.


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