Biology test

Please answer the following questions based on the reading of p. 1033 – 1084 in the online textbook or 436-461 in the original textbook. Please be sure to submit only written answers. No presentation is needed. 1. Trace the route of air from the nares to the alveolus (draw).  (5 pts)

2. Why is it important that the trachea be reinforced with cartilaginous rings? What is the advantage of the fact that the rings are incomplete posteriorly?  (5 pts)

3. What is the major way that oxygen is transported in the blood? (5 pts)

4. Name two chemical factors that modify respiratory rate and depth. Which is usually more important.(5 pts)

5. State the stimulus for breathing (5 pts)

Thoughtless, seemingly hasty answers will not receive full credit. Please take the time to think about your answers and if they make sense. I will have virtual office hours at the usual times if you have questions about this assignment before it is due or after. Also, these questions will reappear on the tests. 


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