Documented Essay – Final Draft 1 answer below »

As always, this essay must be argumentative, centered around a thesis statement in

which you take a side on something.

Your introduction should familiarize your readers with your topic and clearly end with a strong, argumentative thesis statement–something that can be either agreed with or disagreed with by your reader.

Each of your three body paragraphs should begin with a clear topic sentence that supports the thesis statement and include at least TWO concrete examples that use paraphrase or quotations and are properly cited. Each example must be analyzed and explained in light of the topic sentence and the thesis statement.

Your conclusion should offer a solution or something further for your readers to ponder.

Finally, you should have a perfectly formatted works cited page attached to the back of this essay. Please use three-to-four sources. As always, avoid the use of the second-person (“you,” etc.) and use the first-person (“I,” “we,” etc.) only when absolutely necessary (such as when including an anecdote); use a plain font (11-to-12-point-sized); follow MLA manuscript guidelines; and include a word count at the end.


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