English Homework

TOPIC: Answer the following question to answer in a 400-500 (or more) word essay. Remember to use specific details and examples to support your assertions.

Advertising is a prevalent part of Americans’ daily lives: we are bombarded by more than 800 advertisements a day. What trends do you see in advertising today? Choose 3 aspects of advertisements (based off of ad techniques) that make them (according to you) effective or memorable. In your essay explain each aspect (technique) in terms of what makes it good at “selling,” What in fact (other than the product or service) is being “sold?” Remember to use specific ads to back up your claims.

Your essay should include:

            A thesis

      Ideas developed with support and specific details

      Well-constructed topic sentences

      Sentence variety

Clarity in sentence structure (free from major errors: fragment, run-on, comma splice, and garbled/awkward sentence)

      Paragraph unity (all content belongs, content does not diverge)

      Coherence (transition and flow of ideas)

      Correct word form

     Correct punctuation


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