English Memo

Using the “Eight Measures of Excellence in Technical Documents” (pp. 7-9), analyze the ***  website (http://www. ***.edu).  Write a memo to the website designers explaining at least four flaws that you have discovered.  Describe what is causing each problem and offer suggestions on how to fix it.  At least two of these flaws must concern content.  Consider this as a solicited in-house memo–the designers have asked you for assistance.  If you like, you may pretend that you have data from a focus group.

                        Be sure to follow proper memo format (see pp. 372-74).  Include a standard class heading above your memo heading (see syllabus).  Of course, your own writing should also display the “Measures of Excellence” as per pp. 7-9.

3 full pages

Book:      Mike Markel, Technical Communication, 11th ed. (w/ 2016 MLA update)


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