Final Research Essay for Dr. Smith Harvey

Hello my Final Research essay is due and its going to be an Arugumentative essay about Gun Violence. The Research Proposal I submitted also has some feedback on the topic from my teacher. I will be attaching a copy of the edited proposal as well and you can use the feedback from my teacher to create the essay.

FEEDBACK from Teacher for Research Proposal for the Final Research Essay:

– don’t have 3 separate sections; integrate your interests into ONE set of ‘general category/specific subject/particular focus’

– will your main focus be the 1. comparison with the US; 2. the contributors; or 3. regulations and controls? I suggest #2 (bringing #1 and #3 into the conversation too, but as an off-shoot of talking about the contributing causes.


·        A grammatically correct statement of argument/claim (related to the topic) must be included within the introductory paragraph (about ¾ of the way through). It must be analytical/critical (have a clear position). The thesis statementmust mention the body paragraphs’ three (3) supporting themes (e.g. costs/benefits/causes/effects).


Also use at least 1 or 2 sources from the Research Proposal and PLEASE attach a Turn it In report to the final copy. Thank you.

1. format: 5 sections (no sub-headings) – Introduction/Body 1/Body 2/ Body 3/Conclusion.

2. length: 5 – 6  pages, double-spaced (minimum → the end of the 5th page)

3. margins: 1 inch(top, bottom, sides) → no large gaps between paragraphs

4. 11 or 12 point font, Times New Roman (or similar), word processed

5. numbered pages (begin with ‘2’ on 2nd pg of the paper)

6. proper spelling & a clear, grammatically correct writing style; be sure to spell-check + proofread

7. MANY In-Text Citations throughout the body. (Approx. 2 to 3 in-text citations per paragraph.)

8. MINIMUM of 6 Sources all in APA and ONE must be a Book

9. Acceptable sources: books, Library database material, academic/trade journals, newspapers, magazines; web sites created by universities, newspapers, government & social agencies, hospitals & other recognized research institutions.

10. ABSOLUTELY NO message boards or Wikipedia.


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