[gun] 5- [91in] 9. [gaufu] [an-m E- [mam] In- [amiss] [an] 1 [9111-1] I1- [ism] [sh-a] a. [am] I2- [955] A- List all the ms’immnsnts in 1.rhi-|:L[g]…

The following data set is from English. [ɡj] represents a ‘palatalised [ɡ]’ (made with the tongue further forward on the hard palate) and [ɡw] represents a ’rounded [ɡ]’ (made with simultaneous lip rounding). 

99°F.— [gun] 5- [91in] 9. [gaufu][an-m E- [mam] In- [amiss][an] 1 [9111-1] I1- [ism][sh-a] a. [am] I2- [955] A- List all the ms‘immnsnts in 1.1.rhi-|:]:L[g] mains: List all the slw’u’amnsnts in which [9′] spasms: List all the am-imsnnants in which [9"] spasms: E. State a gsnsrslizalian [as “nus": dssarihing Ihs flislrihutian aflg], [91], and [9*] in English. C- In English, 31’s [9],, [91], and [9*] distinct phat-names at sllaphanss nfans Iahsn’lsi’rla’.II {shale nus] fllstlnat phonemes illnphnnu afans plumsExplain yam ans-war, in terms afths dafmilians nl’ allnphnnss anal phanmiss givsn in slam:


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