Homeland security 2

Research a terrorist or foreign intelligence event that occurred within the United States. Determine how intelligence or counterintelligence was used during this operation. If there is not enough information to determine the specific details of how intelligence or counterintelligence was used, explain the methods you would have used: For instance, if you research an espionage event, such as the group of illegal’s that were arrested from Russia in 2010 (see: http://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2011/october/russian_103111), I want you to explain what you would have done. 

  • Physical surveillance?
  • Technical surveillance?
  • A false flag operation?
  • A “barium meal?” (not discussed in this book)
  • Double agentry?
  • Arrest and interrogation?
  • etc…

Your product (a.k.a. writing) must be at least one and a half pages long. 


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