Human Sexuality

Assignment 1: Human Sexuality Throughout History Time-line

The textbook describes the various historical-cultural influences that have affected human sexuality. These historical-cultural influences include such events as the sexual revolution, the control of conception, the emergence of contraception, as well as the redefining of gender roles throughout history. Many of these events changed the way sexuality is viewed today. Using PowerPoint or ,Microsoft Word create a time-line and identify at least 7 important historical events that you believe influence sexuality today. Evaluate each of these events according to its significance in history and culture. Place the date, a brief description, or even a video clip of the historical-cultural influence. Please read the grading rubric below for additional guidance with this assignment.

Assignment 1  Timeline

Possible points

Student points and instructor feedback

Presentation provides in-depth, accurate information. Strong and informative topic and information.

At least 7 important historical events are identified.


Presentation is creative and unique, uncluttered, well-organized, and easy to read. 


Thorough research on the topic is presented accurately.

Evaluation of each event according to its significance in history and culture is present.


References are included in summaries and follow APA 6th ed. formatting style.





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