Miami Beach Resort The primary purpose of a profile is to inform readers about a living person, a…

Miami Beach Resort

The primary purpose of a profile is to inform readers about a living person, a place visited, or an event attended. For this assignment, choose a place that you have visited. For example, your profile might describe a local business, restaurant, or landmark; your backyard garden; a foreign country; a recent duty station; a specific airport, train, or bus terminal, your child’s classroom, a museum, a sports arena, or field, etc.

To potentially receive full credit, you should:

Write a profile essay of 400- 450 words in which you describe your selected place.

Include a thesis statement that focuses on some aspect of the place that the reader will find intriguing or unusual.

Rely on showing via sensory impressions (sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and tactile sensations) rather than telling.

Bring attention to the uniqueness of the place, showing what is remarkable about it.

Present a portrait of the place through a specific angle of vision. That is, convey a dominant attitude toward the subject, an attitude (i.e. fascination, disgust, amusement, detachment, joy, etc.) that can be implied through details or stated explicitly.

Although it is not required, you may need to conduct library research to gather additional information about the place.If you use outside sources, you must give credit to your sources. However, since we have not yet covered APA-style documentation in class, no deductions will be made for violations of format. You must, however, name the source of your information in your paper and list the source at the end of your paper. Deductions will be made if no attempt is made to cite the source.

Do not write about your feelings or filter the description for the reader.

………………………. Incorporated in 1915, Miami Beach resort is a center of art and culture and an exciting place to visit. It has its locations on natural and manmade islands and has a population of around 88,000 inhabitants. It comprises of hundreds of hotels as well as apartments whose age trace back to the 1920s. This essay expresses the first-hand profile combination following the visit to Miami’s beach resort…………………………..


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