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Case Study Analysis

Related Unit Objectives

Participants should be able to:

·         Describe the caregivers role in providing nutritional snacks and meals

·         Recognize how to promote healthy eating and nutrition in the classroom

·         Discuss the ways in which family-style meal service benefits the young child

·         Define social and emotional health

·         Identify and utilize  best pratices to support social and emotional development in young children

Assignment Description and Instruction:

1.    You have been provided with the following case study. Carefully read the case and not the main issues and stakeholders in the case.

2.    Write a brief description of the case to give a context for the main issues.

3.    Discuss each issue with reference to what the research has to say in this area. Be sure to include information on the following:

·         Comment on patterns of growth in early infancy

·         Analyze 24 hour dietary recall

·         Discuss feeding difficulties/behavior from not feeding to overfeeding

·         Explore the ongoing management of Shakira’s nutrition at school and at home

4.    Outline your solutions or ideas for each issue and choose the ones most suitable

5.    Make final recommendations of how to resolve the case

Case study: Shakira Mahabir

Shakira Mahabir, a member of the Indian community is now 4 years old and living in a depressed community in West Kingston Jamaica. She was born at term, birth weight 6lbs 5ozs = 2.72 kg. Following her birth, Shakira, was very slow to feed and gain weight and at six weeks weighed 3.5kgs.

Although she lives in a rather poor community, she is able to attend a basic school near the workplace of her father which is outside the community. Shakira has been shown to be irritable and listless at school and sometimes shows aggressive behavior  towards other children.  When given food at mealtimes, she picks at the food and often leaves portions uneaten.

Shakira’s age and weight Chart in the attached file.

1 kg = 2.2 lbs

24 Hour Dietary Recall (Shakira aged 3 years 6 months) in attached file.

Ensure that you have a well-structured introduction, body and conclusion.

Cite and reference all of the work by other people.

Use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, clear presentation and appropriate reference style.

Font Arial 12 , Justified and 1.5 line spacing.


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