The Jessica Dubroff Accident 3 full pages due in 9

You’ve seen the TV sound bytes, read the sensational stories in the popular press, heard the speeches by congressmen and the FAA administrator. Now read what actually happened and draw your own conclusions. Here’s an in-depth report of the NTSB investigation into the April 1997 in-flight loss-of-control accident in Cheyenne, Wyoming, of a Cessna 177B Cardinal that killed seven-year-old Jessica Dubroff, her father, and pilot-in-command CFI Joe Reid. (Links to an external site.)

Using this website as a starting point, find at least 2 additional sources and write a paper with at least three examples of human factors elements from this accident.  Questions you answer may include the following:

1.  Why did this accident happen?

2.  What was the chain of events that led to this accident?

3.  What specific human factors elements contributed to the accident?

This paper will be 3-4 pages in length and be in APA format.


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